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Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) - www.tvec.gov.lk
Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) was established under the provisions of Tertiary and Vocational Education Act No. 20 of 1990. TVEC committed to establish and maintain an efficient, effective and quality assured TVET system, which is relevant to socio-economic goals, and changing market needs.
Department of Technical Education and Training (DTET) - www.techedu.gov.lk
The Technical Education is established in Sri Lanka with the commencement of “Technical School” at Maradana in 1893. Technical Education, which has 115 years history, has developed into 38 Technical Colleges and Colleges of Technology located in different parts of the country. DTET is responsible for conducting Technical Education and Training programmes and implementation of research in Technical and Technological fields.
Vocational Training Authority (VTA) - www.vtasl.gov.lk

Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka (VTA) which was established under Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka Act. No. 12 of 1995 provides skills training to rural youth through a network of six National Vocational Training Institutes, 21 District Vocational Training Centers and 238 Rural Vocational Training Centers.

University of Vocational Technology (UNIVOTEC) - www.univotec.ac.lk

The University of Vocational Technology (UNIVOTEC) was established at NITESL premises under the Ministry of Vocational & Technical Training. The general objective of the Univotec is to provide progressive upward movement to the students in the Technical Education and Vocational Training System, based on their aptitudes and abilities, to acquire University Education.

National Apprenticeship and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA) - www.naita.slt.lk
The establishment was set up as the National Apprenticeship Board under the National Apprenticeship Act. No. 49 of 1971 and was made broad based under the Tertiary and Vocational Education Act No. 20 of 1990 as the National Apprenticeship and Industrial Training Authority with a wider scope of work and responsibilities.
National Institute of Business Management (NIBM) - www.nibm.lk

National Institute of Business Management (NIBM), established in 1968 and later incorporated by Act of Parliament No.23 of 1976, is functioning at present as a statutory institution under the purview of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development. It contributes to the improvement of performance of individuals and institutions through training courses for public and private institutions on computer usage, consultancy services and productivity improvement.

Skills Development Fund Ltd. (SDFL)

The Skills Development Fund Ltd is a collective enterprise of the Government and the Private Sector established in 1999 to cater to the Human Resources Development needs of the employers. It is a self funded organization governed by a Board of Directors.

Ceylon German Technical Training Institute - www.cgtti.lk
The main objective of the Ceylon German Technical Training Institute is to systematically develop the technology related to Automobile and other technical trades and to provide training to students to perform at the highest level of acceptance and there by maintain the standard as the centre of excellence for training in the automotive sector of Sri Lanka.

National Youth Services Council - www.srilankayouth.lk

NYSC has been established by the Parliamentary Act No. 69 of 1979. NYSC implements many projects & programmes annually for the youth aimed at developing their creativity, artistic and cultural skills and for the improvement of technical skills, leadership qualities and also to participate volunteer programmes.

National Human Resources Development Council (NHRDC) - www.nhrdc.lk

Preparation and development of human resource development policies to upgrade the human resources of the country is the main objective of NHRDC. Implementation of Human Resource Development Plan, conducting studies, researches and surveys related to human resource development and conducting seminars and workshops are some of the activities in achieving their objective.

National Youth Award Authority (NYAA)

National Youth Award Authority contributes to improve the attitudes of youths in a wider scope of the knowledge and skills. Award of internationally recognized certificates & medals for youth and making opportunities to improve international experiences on youth development for youths are main activities of NYAA. Programmes of NYAA are spread in 240 schools in the country.

National Youth Corps      www.youthcorps.lk

Youth corps programme was initiated in 2003 by the Parliamentary Act No. 21 of 2002. There are 37 regional training centers all over the country. Youths are trained in the subject areas of personal development, carrier guidance, national heritage, aesthetic skills development and job oriented vocational training, under this programme.

Sri Lanka Youth Services (Privet) Ltd.
Sri Lanka Youth Services (Privet)Ltd. have been formulated under the guidance and financial aids of National Youth Services Council in order to raise funds to initiate and conduct projects focusing on youth and to design training programs to enhance the employability skills of youth.
National Center for Leadership Development (NCLD)
Assist in providing efficient and effective services and training needs, to generate a community with self confidence and for the success of the varied programmes conducted by the governmental and nongovernmental organizations is carried out by the ICTRL.
Sri Lanka Institute of Printers  (SLIOP) - www.sliop.com

Sri Lanka Institute of Printers has been established with the objective of improving the quality of printing industry through training of personnel involved in the industry on printing technologies and management, and to acquire new technology and the knowledge through international cooperation.

National Institute of Fisheries and Nautical Engineering (Ocean University) - www.ocu.lk

The National Institute of Fisheries and Nautical Engineering (NIFNE), established in 1999 by the Parliamentary Act. No.36 constitutes the premier educational and training institute in Fisheries and allied fields in Sri Lanka. In keeping with its mandate, the NIFNE presently conducts a number of mobile, certificate, and diploma courses and three degree programmes.

National Youth Services Cooperative Ltd. (NYSCO)

NYSCO facilitates youths to emerge as entrepreneurs by providing entrepreneurship training, loan schemes and career guidance for self employment, and directing them to obtain credit facilities from conventional banks.

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